Announcing CPTR

The Robert Schalkenbach Foundation and Center for the Study of Economics are pleased to announce the creation of the "Center for Property Tax Reform" (CPTR), a new, joint undertaking between these long-time collaborators.Both RSF and CSE share…


As the first punches from Covid 19 landed on state and local government revenues in spring 2020, it was clear that the virus's impact, compounded by mandated shutdowns, blew holes in budgets. Public health and the economy both slumped quickly, draining revenue for essential services. Tax holidays gave the illusion over the early summer that the nation could bounce back soon. Well, no.

Property Tax Relief Measures

For decades, a legislative cottage industry has provided for the "refund or forgiveness of real property tax liability of certain low income, disabled, infirm or senior citizens."  The measure would apply for relief from tax burdens "attributable to real property tax rate or assessed value increases, of the low-income senior citizen's homestead (i.e., primary dwelling)." What relief measures to employ is the focus of this overview.