A New But Familiar Vaccine for New York’s COVID Economy

The current economic life of New York City is almost unrecognizable when compared to that of just a year ago.  Faced with the collapse of the tourist and business travel industries, hotels that reported second quarter occupancy rates surpassing…

Tax Exemption in Richmond

In the State of Virginia, a variety of owners - including the Commonwealth, churches, libraries, public hospitals, YMCAs and YWCAs, public parks and playgrounds, and nonprofit organizations - are exempt from property taxes. This probably comes as no surprise, but what does it mean for the City of Richmond? Let’s find out using the 2021 tax rolls.

Is a Land Value Tax Right for Richmond, Virginia?

This report provides the results of a preliminary analysis to determine the on-the-ground effects of implementing a land value tax (LVT) in Richmond Virginia. While the findings contained herein give an accurate representation of changes in the general tax trends within the City that will result from the adoption of an LVT, CPTR recommends the conduct of a series of more detailed analyses to determine parcel-level and other effects before proceeding with adjustments to existing property tax codes, and is prepared to carry out this work with the participation and support of the City of Richmond.

Shifts in property and land tax in Charlottesville, VA

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The Center for Property Tax Reform (CPTR) is excited to announce the newest addition to the Tax Shift Explorer: the city of Charlottesville, VA. Population-wise, Charlottesville is one of the smaller cities to be mapped on Tax Shift Explorer…

After Covid and local recessions…Unearthing the Big Apple’s revenue under its feet

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Last January, CPTR piped up with its observations on the surprise bid of Andrew Yang for the mayoralty. Borrowing from his own 2016 presidential campaign, he proposed a basic income (BI) plan for those New Yorkers left behind by pandemics, economic…