Shifts in property and land tax in Charlottesville, VA

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The Center for Property Tax Reform (CPTR) is excited to announce the newest addition to the Tax Shift Explorer: the city of Charlottesville, VA. Population-wise, Charlottesville is one of the smaller cities to be mapped on Tax Shift Explorer…

After Covid and local recessions…Unearthing the Big Apple’s revenue under its feet

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Last January, CPTR piped up with its observations on the surprise bid of Andrew Yang for the mayoralty. Borrowing from his own 2016 presidential campaign, he proposed a basic income (BI) plan for those New Yorkers left behind by pandemics, economic…

Rents Fall, Supply Decreases: The Secret Life of how the Big Dogs Roll

  Not everyone will agree, but I’ll say it:: synthesizing the market and planned economics to produce economic strength is the quickest path to economic and political empowerment for all people, especially traditionally marginalized…
The Borough of Millbourne