Everybody works but the vacant lot.

One of the clearest signs of trouble in the city are vacant lots. From the hundreds to the thousands we know land vacancy depresses the attractiveness and value of surrounding homes and businesses.

Cities are the engines of a vibrant economy and society. We all know what we want in our communities, but often we don’t ask why we don’t get it.

Announcing CPTR

The Robert Schalkenbach Foundation and Center for the Study of Economics are pleased to announce the creation of the “Center for Property Tax Reform” (CPTR), a new, joint undertaking between these long-time collaborators.

Both RSF and CSE share a commitment to increasing understanding and adoption of Land Value Tax (LVT), a form of property tax that differs from the traditional approach because it only levies taxes on land, not improvements. 

Josh Vincent, Josie Faass, and Brendan Hennigan at the National Conference of State Legislatures Annual Conference in Nashville in August 2019.

Under the banner of CPTR, Josh Vincent (CSE’s ED), Brendan Hennigan (RSF’s Program Director), and Josie Faass (RSF’s ED), will orchestrate an ambitious program of outreach, coupled with the creation of customized case studies and impact assessments informed by their experiences in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and elsewhere.  These efforts will be structured so as to to raise awareness among state and local officials, community groups, and other audiences, of the potential benefits they could realize by adopting smarter tax policies.

Needless to say, we’re excited for this new undertaking, and look forward to everything the future holds!