Welcome to the Center for Property Tax Reform (CTPR) – a joint undertaking between long-time collaborators The Robert Schalkenbach Foundation and the Center for the Study of Economics.  Both RSF and CSE share a commitment to increasing understanding and adoption of Land Value Tax (LVT), a form of property tax that differs from the traditional approach because it only levies taxes on land, not improvements. 

CPTR will orchestrate an ambitious program of outreach, coupled with the creation of customized case studies and impact assessments informed by their experiences in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and elsewhere.  These efforts will be structured so as to to raise awareness among state and local officials, community groups, and other audiences, of the potential benefits they could realize by adopting smarter tax policies.


Fragile Taxes and Fragile Societies

Something odd happened to me this morning. Sitting next to an open window in my house trying to do some work and writing, I sat back and heard: nothing.

Living in a commuter community across from the great city of Philadelphia, Monday mornings are usually less intensive with activity than in the bigger cities, but there is noticeable activity nevertheless. About 600 planes fly in and out of PHL daily, most of them flying about 4,000 feet above my town. Today and for the last few weeks there has been a drastic reduction in air traffic with about 40% of all departures canceled.[1]

One of the infrastructure amenities that benefits Philadelphia is a commuter train (PATCO) that, in usual times, runs every ten minutes through my town into the city (and vice versa). After years of acclimation to the nearby shriek and hiss of the trains, again it’s now noticeable when I hear the train break as it enters the station; otherwise, I hear nothing.

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